Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga at offices in Valencia City

Many of us spend our working day fastened to a desk at the office, typically with a rounded back and shrugged shoulders. Sitting so many hours also creates a lot of tension in our hip flexors. Working postures can have a great impact on our well-being, affecting our breathing habits, nervous system and the range of mobility in our joints to name just a few.

In today’s busy world many don’t have the chance to take a break from the office. This is a great opportunity for them: when they can’t go to Yoga, Yoga comes to them.

Corporate Yoga is a wonderful way to boost the quality of life of the team at your office. One hour of Yoga between working hours allows them to distance themselves for a moment from projects, meetings and deadlines. A good break calms the mind and offers great profits on the long run.

Benefits for all

– Releives aches in the head, neck and back
– Increases energy and efficiency
– Enhances learning new skills and improves the ability to multi-task
– Improves concentration, motivation, productivity and output
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– Improves self-esteem and team-work
– Improves the ability to react with calm
– Employees appreciate being taken care of and the organization is known for its concern for the employees health


Yin Yoga is a relaxing session where we hold each posture for a few minutes. The postures are opposites to the ones are hold for so many hours next to computers. Yin Yoga works with deep tissues such as tendons, ligaments and fascia, creating space in the joints. This session is a calm way to relieve chronic pain, improve sitting habits and breath with ease.

Ashtanga is a dynamic session, a practice for the body and the mind. We warm up with Sun Salutations and do a variety of postures, standing and seated, with flexion and extension of the spine, twisting and a final relaxation to have a good rest. Class is adjusted to the level of all employees and has an important focus on breath and synchronizing movement with it.

Other options are meditation and a gentle flow of postures.

Necessary space

We need a space such as a room, office or resting area for the practice.
All employees need a yoga mat. I can order these so all employees have one.

Contact for a free consultation at your office.

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