About Heidi


My Yoga path started in 2010 trying different styles. I clearly remember the resistance my muscles and articulations created to the movement, also the tension and the impatience. I was very eager to perform the postures correctly. My body perceived Yoga as a physical performance, while my mind was longing for a more purposeful essence to the practice. It was when I found Ashtanga Yoga, a form of Hatha, that everything changed. I will always be grateful to my teacher Juha Javanainen from Helsinki Ashtanga School for his guidence. My practice acquired a new meaning and what used to be an exercise, with time transformed into a smooth breathing practice.

After five years of practice I had the opportunity to study with two other great teachers, Manju Pattabhi Jois and Petri Räisänen. For my surprise, in 2016 a teacher asked me to give a class and with time a few more classes, always without giving up my personal Sadhana and daily practice.

The physical benefits of Yoga are many and can be percieved rapidly. But above all, this practice has taught me more subtle things, such as humility, patience, tolerance, love and even to laugh at myself.  These learnings are also the foundation of my teaching, discovering the path within, always with humor, kindness and compassion towards oneself.

Namaste, Heidi